Biochar - improving soil health and increasing crop yields

Biochar - improving soil health and increasing crop yields

Diese Veranstaltung wird ausschliesslich in englischer Sprache durchgeführt.

«The adoption of naturally sourced biochar holds immense promise for addressing several challenges in Food Systems. »

Biochar, a carbon-rich, porous material derived from organic waste through pyrolysis, serves as a potent tool for carbon sequestration, aiding in mitigating climate change by locking carbon dioxide in the soil for extended periods. Its unique porous structure enhances soil fertility and water retention, promoting healthier plant growth and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and irrigation.

Moreover, naturally sourced biochar aids in soil remediation by adsorbing and immobilizing contaminants, providing a sustainable solution for environmental restoration.

Means, its incorporation into agricultural practices can improve soil health, increase crop yields, and promote sustainable land management.

Romain Civioc did his PhD at Empa around the topic of biochar. He will give us an insight into the challenges of the production and the various advantages of the use of biochar. In the end he will also present his project about the use of Coffee grounds as a resource for biochar.

We are looking forward to his presentation and the following discussion with you.


17:30 Uhr Welcome
17:35 Uhr Presentation Romain Civioc (ca. 30 Minuten)
Afterwards discussion in plenum

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Beginn der Veranstaltung 23.10.2023, 17:30
Ende der Veranstaltung 23.10.2023, 19:00
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