On November 27 - 28, 2012, the UN City of Bonn will be the gathering place for decision-makers and distinguished figures in business, civil society and politics that strive for the concrete implementation of an “inclusive green economy”. True to its motto “Green economy – from intention to action” – the main focus of this business conference is to investigate solution-oriented approaches.

How can sustainability be brought into the mainstream within the agriculture and food sector? SusCon will provide case studies, visions and ideas for redesigning the sector.

Organic and sustainable food chains and labelling

The agriculture and food sector has enormous implications on the economic, social and natural environment, as well as human health. Organic agriculture therefore will be an important topic at SusCon. It is seen as a model for sustainable, multi-functional agriculture that respects economic, social and ecological dimensions. Particular support for organic agriculture comes from SusCon partners IFOAM, FiBL and Naturland.

“Labelling” is another topic that is likely to stimulate controversial debates. Here, too, SusCon partners, in particular UTZ certified and FSC will represent their opinions.

The speakers include Jan-Kees Vis (Unilever), Christian Schader (Fibl Switzerland), Volkert Engelsman (Eosta), David Gould (IFOAM and Coordinator of The Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network (SOAAN), Elena Binkhiujsen (UTZ certified) and Caroline Hickson (FLO).

SusCon offers alternating plenary and so-called thematic sessions, which are divided into the four categories: Consumer goods, Cross sectorial approaches, Sustainable financing and Communication and consumption.


View the complete Conference programme

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