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Vom 10. - 11. Juni 2010 findet in Amsterdam der neue "Gipfel für nachhaltig produzierte Nahrungsmittel" statt. Im Mittelpunkt steht das Diskutieren und der Austausch über die neue Kennzeichnung nachhaltig produzierter Lebensmittelprodukte. Auch Fair Trade als Lebensmittelsektor mit der grössten Zuwachsrate ist ein Schlüsselthema. Der Gipfel findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Hier die Original-Meldung:

New Foods Summit to Feature Leading Sustainability Issues

Join some of the leading organisations involved in eco-labels at this new sustainable foods summit, taking place in Amsterdam on 10-11 June. Organised by Organic Monitor, the aim of the Sustainable Foods Summit is to discuss and debate the major issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability, organic, fair trade and other eco-labels.

The second edition of this executive summit focuses on sustainable supply chains, with key topics covering ethical partnerships, traceability, roundtables, distribution and marketing. Case studies are given of companies who have successfully and legitimately met the sustainability challenges. Since fair trade is intricately linked to ethical sourcing, Fair Trade is a key summit theme. Fair trade product sales are expanding by almost USD 1 billion a year, making it the fastest growing sector of the food industry. The summit assesses the market growth potential, examines key industry issues and shares marketing best-practices.

More information is available from www.sustainablefoodssummit.com

Email: info@sustainablefoodssummit.com


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